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Stress Reduction for Parents of Special Needs Children by Siobhán Wilcox

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About this Online Course by Siobhán Wilcox
This Training is designed specifically for Parents of Special Needs Children or Children that require extra care.
This training will also support professionals working within the special needs arena. Whether you are a special needs educator, support staff, behavioral specialists, occupational therapist etc..
No prior experience or knowledge of wellness is required, however it will benefit even those that already have some daily stress reduction techniques. It is for those that wish to reduce stress and increase well-being.

Stress Reduction is essential for your health and well-being. Parenting or working with a special needs child or adult requires you to have increased stamina and energy on a daily basis. This course is designed to support you deeply with tools and strategies that will make a difference in your daily live.

The course offers you simple tools that you can use to become more aware of how stress is negatively impacting you and then counterbalance it with practical and simple exercises you can do 10-15mins a day.  

What You Will Learn in This Course:

  • Simple Ways to Relax
  • The Myths of Self-Care
  • Honor the Unique Challenges of Parenting a Special Child
  • Discover your Stress Triggers
  • How to Manage Negative Stress
  • Release Stress Naturally
  • Deep Abdominal Breathing
  • Progressive Muscular Relaxation for Deep Relaxation and Improved Sleep
  • Mindfulness Techniques – Quick and Easy to Use Anywhere
  • Simple Guided Visualization Practice For Beginner's
  • Create Your Own Self-Care Plan – What we will be calling Your Own Thrive Now Blueprint, and More..

Why You Should Take This Course:

  • Increase Physical, Emotional, Mental and Spiritual Well-Being
  • Unique Support for Special Needs Community – Parents or Support Professionals
  • Reduce Stress Symptoms
  • Increase Energy
  • Greater Self-Awareness
  • Increase Spiritual Awareness
  • More Peace of Mind

What am I going to get from this course?

  • Develop strategies to counterbalance the impact of negative stress
  • Recognise their unique stress triggers
  • Learn Quick and Easy Ways to Relax
  • Use Breathing Techniques to Manage Stress Levels
  • Create Self-Care Plan Unique to Them - Their own Thrive Now Blueprint
  • Increase Awareness of their Bodies Unique Stress Signals
  • Recognise What Triggers them into Negative Stress
  • Honor the Unique Journey of Parenting a Special Needs Child and Why it is SO Important for them to Support Themselves

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“I wanted to thank you again for the workshop.  I'd hoped to get spiritual renewal from it and I did that. I got back in touch with things I have learned on my spiritual journey and learned some new things. Most important, you reminded me that I need to pay attention to my thoughts. Thank you so much for your wisdom and insight. You are a shining light." 

Lorraine I, San Diego

“I have taken two workshops from Siobhan, and have really benefited from her guidance in setting goals and finding more joy in my life.  Her caring attitude is genuine, and it has helped me to try to live my life more in tune with my inner light.”
Chris M, San Diego