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Siobhán is a regular guest on FOX5 'Ask the Moms' expert parenting panel. As a Certified Stress Management Consultant, Best-Selling Author,  Spiritual Life Coach and Master Intuitive she specializes in supporting parents of special needs children and overburdened entrepreneurs and executives. She is also seen as a expert in healing, holistic therapies and paranormal matters, where she applies her very down to earth nature to these more esoteric and sometimes hard to explain subjects.

Author of Best-Selling Amazon book – 'Thrive Now Blueprint – Self-Care & Success Strategies for Parents of Special Needs Children'- Tools to reduce stress now while  supporting autism, ADHD, down syndrome, cerebral palsy,  mental health disorders and more..

Partners with non-profits and organizations that support disability inclusion and special needs empowerment. Siobhán’s most recent partnerships were with the National Autism Association and the Special Olympics for Eurasia where she supported their parents with online training and he book - 'Thrive Now Blueprint'.



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Featured Articles:

Encinitas Advocate:

Parents can help special-needs kids by caring for themselves. "It is not selfish to look after yourself,’ says Encinitas author. By Lois Alter Mark

Flight attendants always remind us to put on our own oxygen mask before helping others, and this advice has been taken to heart by Encinitas author Siobhan Wilcox in her new book, “Thrive Now Blueprint: Self-Care & Success Strategies for Parents of Special Needs Children.”

Originally from Ireland, Wilcox is a stress management expert and spiritual life coach who began her journey after burning out from stress at the age of 24. She devoted herself to increasing her health and well-being, and began to pass her knowledge forward, hosting retreats, working with private clients and speaking at events. read more .....

Expert Beacons Article:

Find ways to feel empowered while parenting a child with needs Siobhán Wilcox

As parents of kids with special needs, we have very unique challenges. The truth is our children need us more. And their care requires us to have extra stamina and a way to maintain our energy.

In a recent study, researchers from the University of Wisconsin--Madison gauged the impact that parenting a child on the autism spectrum can have on parents' stress levels.
For eight consecutive days, researchers followed a group of mothers, whose offspring were either adolescents or adults with autism. The researchers conducted daily interviews with each mother about her experiences and took their hormone levels mid-way through the eight days to assess their stress chemical balance. The results were shocking. Hormone levels were consistent with people experiencing chronic stress. The researchers compared the mothers’ blood work to that of soldiers in combat—and found their levels to be similar.