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Soul Whisperer, Intuitive Coach, Home Healer, Stress Buster

 I hired Siobhán to help me as I’d been feeling stuck & uninspired, I knew it was time to reinvent myself. Well now I know why… From the moment Siobhán stepped into my home she began pointing out areas to change & opportunities for awakening new energies. Siobhán is truly amazing!!! Everything shifted for me, I have energy and enthusiasm for life that I haven’t felt for months.

Gail T, Leadership Coach

Would You Like to Create a Solid Foundation for Your Success?




Are you fully aligned with the Truth of Who You Are? Uplevel Your Soul connection. Begin to release what has been holding you back from the life you fully desire. Receive Divine Wisdom from Your Soul, Past-lives Insights, Mission, Purpose, Guidance Team, Reduce Stress and more.


It is hard to manifest your dreams, when your environment isn’t aligned. Outdated patterns,  blocks for money or health, harmful energies can impede.  I help you create or buy a home that FULLY supports you at all levels. With Home Blessing, Feng Shui, Destructive Pattern Clearing, Ghost Removal…


6 month coaching program – Uplevel Your Home, Your Soul & Your Relationships. Start to Create the Life You Have Always Desired & Deserved.  I take a hand full of people each year to work indepth with me, is YOUR SOUL calling you to go deep & evolve with ease?


SACRED WISDOM ACADEMY Online Programs. Join Siobhan to study from home. Discover how to uplevel your life, business & home with sacred practices, spiritual rituals, mantra, energy management, magical tools and more…

What Siobhan’s Previous Clients Are Saying

Siobhan is an amazing coach, and I feel very graced to have had the opportunity to work with her. Siobhan has had challenges in her life, and is, therefore, not only able to really understand and empathize with her clients, but she is able to use her life experience to help others in a very real way. She has an uncanny ability to guide you through your own challenges and blocks in a very supportive and empowering way. She is a very strong leader, yet offers her guidance in very loving and effective ways. She leads by example, and demonstrates the highest integrity and warmth. I highly recommend working with her! You won’t be disappointed. – Nancy Gordon – CEO at Xolos For Chronic Pain Relief X-CPR

Siobhán Wilcox is one of the most connected and fully conscious individuals I am honored to know.  She is a delight to be with and her ability to connect with the higher realms is incredible. I have had the opportunity on several occasions to have sessions with her in order to receive guidance from my angelic and higher dimensional guides.  Her abilities are remarkable and the guidance I receive has assisted me in following my Divine path, which has allowed me to more fully live my authentic life, as a consciously aware being.

I would highly recommend anyone to Siobhán who is searching for further guidance in their life’s quest for the truth.  Her energy is a delight to be around and will uplift you in a loving and peaceful way. – Marcus  T – San Diego

Through my journey I have explored working with different mediums and guides. The value that Siobhán brings to each session surpasses anything I’ve experienced before. I find the time together to be a mixture of playfulness and clarity on the messaging that is coming through. My relationship to myself has deepened in each session helping my business grow and my ability to enjoy life grow. Making decisions from a more grounded place. Thank you for being in my life. – Ben A, Lifestyle and fitness coach.

My session with Siobhan was truly magical and healing on so many levels!
It was one of the best soul readings I’ve ever had! She is an incredibly gifted intuitive!
Dr. Gabriela S, ND

Siobhán is amazing. My life had gone into crisis, yet everything changed for the better immediately after working with her and it was so enriching! Everything just fell into place. I recommend her highly.

Kathy Riggs – CEO

I hired Siobhán to help me as I’d been feeling stuck and uninspired, I knew it was time to reinvent myself. Well now I know why… From the moment Siobhán stepped into my home she began pointing out areas to change and opportunities for awakening new energies. I consider myself energetically “sensitive’ but Siobhán is truly amazing!!!

The day after we had our consultation I felt really tired, like I was walking through mud. I slept for three hours and woke up feeling like a new person. Everything shifted for me, I had energy and enthusiasm for life that I hadn’t felt for months. I looked at my phone and there was a message from Siobhán.

“I cleared a ton of stuff from your house after I left yesterday- curses, hexes, lack of money and support,and  reignited creation energy at the center of the house. Hope it feels a little lighter today.”

Yes to lighter, more centered, creative, playful, loving and grounded.  Siobhán’s skills are top notch. If you are looking for new beginnings, solutions to chronic problems or a strategic advantage you must arrange to work with her. Gail T, Leadership Coach

Siobhán there are no words to express how grateful we are. We won’t hesitate to come to you again when needed, you guided us to align ourselves with our souls and this is priceless. Thank you so much. Bianka V -San Francisco


I am so honored you are visiting with me. I know if you are reading this that YOUR SOUL has guided you here and it is looking to UPLEVEL.

How to start receiving Soul Upleveling here:-

Soul Wisdom Sessions

Get on Zoom with me and explore what has been holding you back. We will focus on one main area of your life. Often looking at past-lives, karma release & energy management.

Uplevel Your Home For Success –

Get an environment UPGRADE. Create a sacred environment in your home or business that supports your health, wealth and relationships. Release old patterns, clear toxic energies, removal of any unwanted spirits, and more. Offered in person or long-distance.

Transformational Online Healing Programs

Uplevel your skills with my online workshops. Learn about healing, clearing negative energy, metaphysics, color therapy, increasing intuition, supporting your sensitive or psychic child and more from the comfort of your home.

Ultimate Success Coaching

Experience deep transformation in my comprehensive 6 month customized program. Work with me one on one to UPLEVEL all areas – Your Life, Your Home, Your Relationships & Your Soul!

I hired Siobhan for her intuitive insight on my product creation several times from Italy where I live. Her abilities are indescribable and so amazingly helpful… even via Skype. She motivated me to complete a project that I was unsure of and now I am attracting only high end clients that benefit from my private virtual coaching programs. I couldn’t have done it without her help! – Diana Dentinger
International Speaker, Team Building Specialist, Women Empowerment, Performance Expert

Sacred Wisdom Academy


Offering both Video & Live Virtual Workshops with Siobhán:

  • Monthly online training’s,
  • Community of like-minded spiritual seekers,
  • Magical practices to support you, your mission, family & your home.
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