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Self-Care Skills & Success Strategies for
Parents of Special Needs Children

As the mom of a two boys, one whom is on the Autism Spectrum I understand the daily challenges and stresses that impact families who are living within this unique situation.

The constant caring, routine, hyper vigilance, overwhelm, financial burden, isolation and sometimes lack of connection that can be part of  parenting a special child.

This book is a support to parents with self-care suggestions and gathered wisdom’s from myself and other parents that are walking a similar path and are thriving.

Finally – a book I can recommend to parents about the most important aspect of raising a special needs child – self-care! Kudos to Siobhan Wilcox for writing the book that we need to stay healthy and serene in the midst of all that being a parent of a special needs child entails.

Flight attendants tell you that in case of an emergency, you must take care of yourself before attending to your children. The same is true in real life. Thrive Now Blueprint  is a practical guide with strategies that are doable for parents who are time, energy and money- constrained. In Thrive Now Blueprint, Siobhan guides parents through short exercises that help parents create healthy self care habits that only take a few minutes at a time. Siobhan has taken her 16 years of experience as a Stress Management Expert and applied them to her needs as the mother of a child on the autism spectrum. I highly recommend this book for all parents of special needs children and those in the helping professions.” – Chantal Sicile-Kira, Founder of; author of five books including:
Autism Spectrum Disorder (revised): The Complete Guide to Understanding Autism.


Practicing self care is the greatest lesson I can model for our son and one of the most important gifts I can give him. The more I thrive and give to him from my overflow, the better parent I will be for him. Siobhan Wilcox’s book, Thrive Now Blueprint – Self-care & Success Strategies for Parents of Special Needs Children, guides parents down this road with compassion and valuable insights. An empowering and important read for all special needs parents.” – Kalli Holmes Sorensen – Mother of a son on the Autism Spectrum and the Founder of the Seaside Sisters – A Women’s Empowerment Ministry

Candid and caring, Siobhan Wilcox’s beautifully written book, Thrive Now Blueprint, will have you nodding your head in recognition, and feeling like you have just been welcomed into the safety and wisdom of her generous heart.  This is an indispensable guide for anyone involved with special-needs kids, and thank goodness it is here!” – Rabbi Wayne Dosick, PhD and Ellen Kaufman Dosick, MSWauthors of six books including Golden Rules – The Ten Ethical Values Parents Need to Teach Their Children & Empowering Your Indigo Child

As Siobhan Wilcox knows, parenting a child with additional needs is both a beautiful and a challenging experience. In the Thrive Now Blueprint she offers up wisdom from her professional and personal life to help parents find greater balance, relieve stress and live healthier lives. I would recommend the book to any parent in need of techniques for greater health and happiness, for the benefit of themselves and their families.” – Torrie Dunlap, CEO, Kids Included Together – Non-Profit Supporting Inclusion

Udemy Stress Management Training for Parents of Special Needs Children

by Siobhan Wilcox $39.99

Udemy Stress Reduction for Parents of Special Needs Children

Join the tribe, over two hundred parents & special needs professionals are currently enrolled in this 4.6 star rated training with Siobhan. It is the perfect workshop to offer practical tools to reduce stress.

About this Online Course by Siobhán Wilcox
This Training is designed specifically for Parents of Special Needs Children or Children that require extra care.
This training will also support professionals working within the special needs arena. Whether you are a special needs educator, support staff, behavioral specialists, occupational therapist etc..
No prior experience or knowledge of wellness is required, however it will benefit even those that already have some daily stress reduction techniques. It is for those that wish to reduce stress and increase well-being.

Stress Reduction is essential for your health and well-being. Parenting or working with a special needs child or adult requires you to have increased stamina and energy on a daily basis. This course is designed to support you deeply with tools and strategies that will make a difference in your daily live.

The course offers you simple tools that you can use to become more aware of how stress is negatively impacting you and then counterbalance it with practical and simple exercises you can do 10-15mins a day.

What You Will Learn in This Course:

  • Simple Ways to Relax
  • The Myths of Self-Care
  • Honor the Unique Challenges of Parenting a Special Child
  • Discover your Stress Triggers
  • How to Manage Negative Stress
  • Release Stress Naturally
  • Deep Abdominal Breathing
  • Progressive Muscular Relaxation for Deep Relaxation and Improved Sleep
  • Mindfulness Techniques – Quick and Easy to Use Anywhere
  • Simple Guided Visualization Practice For Beginner’s
  • Create Your Own Self-Care Plan – What we will be calling Your Own Thrive Now Blueprint, and More..

Why You Should Take This Course:

  • Increase Physical, Emotional, Mental and Spiritual Well-Being
  • Unique Support for Special Needs Community – Parents or Support Professionals
  • Reduce Stress Symptoms
  • Increase Energy
  • Greater Self-Awareness
  • Increase Spiritual Awareness
  • More Peace of Mind

What am I going to get from this course?

  • Develop strategies to counterbalance the impact of negative stress
  • Recognise their unique stress triggers
  • Learn Quick and Easy Ways to Relax
  • Use Breathing Techniques to Manage Stress Levels
  • Create Self-Care Plan Unique to Them – Their own Thrive Now Blueprint
  • Increase Awareness of their Bodies Unique Stress Signals
  • Recognise What Triggers them into Negative Stress
  • Honor the Unique Journey of Parenting a Special Needs Child and Why it is SO Important for them to Support Themselves

More About Siobhan

She has appeared in print, on television and on stage, as an stress reduction and autism expert. She supports disability non-profits & organizations around the world.

Siobhan’s personal story makes her an expert in the area of self-care and stress reduction. After burning out from executive stress at the early age of 24 she needed to rebuild her life. With this began a journey that not only changed her forever but after 20 plus years has enlighten the lives of many as she shares her secrets of inner peace and life balance.  This journey has gone on to become a life mission to support others to live a more peaceful, purposeful and passion filled life.

As the mom of 2 beautiful boys, one who is on the Autism Spectrum, Siobhán has unique insights that are not usually found in those that support other special parents and care-givers in the disability community. Siobhan is always available for speaking opportunities to support, please reach out to connect.

If you are a special needs parent whom wishes to get deep support with stress reduction or personal development, please contact Siobhan as she offers a special discount to fellow special needs parents.

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