Uplevel Your Home for Success

Have you ever considered the role your home
plays in your evolution & success?

Home Blessing & Clearing

$550 (2.5 hours)

Does Your Home Need Clearing?

Are you experiencing any of these things:

  • Feeling uncomfortable or even scared in your home
  • Feel like you are being watched
  • Your children are have trouble sleeping or staying in their beds
  • You or your children sense a presence that is disturbing
  • Your pets are jumpy for no apparent reason
  • Areas of your home feel ‘heavy’ or denser then other
  • Someone has died or being very ill in your home
  • You have recently moved in & want a fresh slate

This Home Clearing is designed to clear:

  • Outdated Harmful Energies Patterns,
  • Old land energy & curses,
  • Ghosts or spirit energy that interfere or drain you
  • Other negative energies from your environment
  • Designed to restores energetic harmony and balance.

These are just some of the situations that Siobhan checks for and repairs when she does this indepth Home Clearing can be either in person or long distance.

Siobhán I feel very grateful that you cleared my new home. We moved in and the energy was so different than what it was before! Thank you so much. Gery L – San Franscisco

Thank you for clearing our home of negative energy. My daughter will stay in her room by herself  again and we are all sleeping now with ease. I can’t believe the difference it made, even though you worked long distance. – Penny B, San Diego

Uplevel Your Home Remote

$888 (6 hours)

Turn on your Homes Success Energy?

  • Did you know your home has a Unique Energy Matrix that can be turned on or off?
  • It can be in a 20 year lock for money or relationship!
  • It can be working against you as you evolve yourself.

This package includes:

  • Indepth intake to discover what areas of your home are supporting you and what needs to be amplified (zoom call)
  • Zoom call to walk through your home
  • Energetic Home Clearing done long distance
  • Destructive pattern clearing – clients say this changes everything
  • I spend time analyzing your homes unique energy matrix
  • Create your Success Home Report with remedy prescriptions based on what you desire, so your home supports you at all levels of success 
  • Report includes ways to keep your space aligned and energetically clear.

This is for a property up to 2,500 sq foot, if you have a larger property, that requires additional services or support, extra hours can be added to to your project to allow you to upgrade at the reduced rate of $195 hours. Any need for extra hours will be prearranged before they are provided.

Book a discover call below if you are unsure what your needs are.

My daughter was never comfortable in her room and we didn’t know why. It just felt dark and heavy in there.  Siobhan immediately tapped into the negative energy of the past tenants & cleared the room. She now sleeps peacefully, and her room feels so much lighter.  Samantha T – San Diego

Dream Home Package

$2,950 (12 hours)

Buying a Home is Stressful – often filled with indecision. I can Support!

Let me help you get clear on what it is you desire. What kind of home will support you in your future success.

  • I will analysis and advise on three homes for you – either visiting them or looking at them virtually if you are not in San Diego.
  • Analysis the Unique Energy Matrix for each home to see if it is aligned with your desires.
  • Once you purchase your home I will create your Ultimate Success Home Report with remedy prescriptions based on what you desire, so your home supports you at all levels of success
  • Visit with you and do an energetic home clearing
  • Destructive pattern clearing – clients say this changes everything
  • Report includes ways to keep your space aligned.

I hired Siobhan to Uplevel our Home. I knew it was time to reinvent myself as I had been feeling really stuck and uninspired. Well now I know why… From the moment Siobhan stepped into our house she began pointing our areas to change and opportunities for awaking new energies. I consider myself energetically ‘sensitive but Siobhan is amazing!!!

I finally have energy and enthusiasm for life again and our house feels lighter, more centered, creative, playful, loving and grounded.  Siobhan’s skills are top notch. If you are looking for new beginnings, solutions to chronic problems or a strategic advantage you must arrange to work with her.  Gail T – Oceanside

If you are unsure of your needs, book a Complimentary Discovery Call with me so we can get clear on how I can support you!

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