Home Uplevel & Home Clearing with Siobhan – remote/properties under 1,000 sq ft (4 hrs) $850


Have your home support you to UPLEVEL into the Life Your Desire & Deserve!

If you are not currently living the life you fully desire, have you ever considered that your home might be negatively impacting you?

Did you know that your home can:

  • Be in a financial lock?
  • Be blocked for prosperity and healthy?
  • Pull in harmful energies & ghosts?
  • Hold patterns of all the people that lived in the home before you?
  • Be cursed from a previous time before your dwelling was ever built on the land?

These are just some of the situations that Siobhan checks for and clears when she does this indepth Home Healing.

It takes approximately 4 hours depending on the size of your home. Starts with you completing the intake questionnaire so Siobhan understands your desires and what you are currently experiencing.  Then she gets on a zoom call with you 30min house walk through your home.

Siobhan will then work on a Feng Shui report for you, offering suggestions for each area of your home & how to optimize it for your desired outcomes. This is a very comprehensive report and it is emailed to you.

You will then have a follow up call with Siobhan to discuss the remedies and suggestions and then Siobhan will discuss a time with you to do the final house clearing.

Ideally house should be free after that during the environment clearing.  This Home Blessing is designed to clear Ghosts, Curses, Old Harmful Energies and other negative energies from your environment and restore harmony and balance and is the final part of your Feng Shui & Home Clearing Session.

Perfect for new homes, houses that aren’t selling, homes where you are having alot of nightmares, relationship issues or similar challenges. Clear ghosts, curses, negative energy, demonic presences and more with this comprehensive healing.

Please complete Intake questionnaire listing concerns-include a google document with pictures of every room in your house if possible. You will receive a report of issues dealt with & a follow-up 30 min call is included.




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