Your Dream Home 5 Key Questions to Ask Prior to Buying

There are Unseen Forces Affecting You and Your Success through Your Home!

My name is Siobhan Wilcox and for over 25 years I have been healing land and homes of destructive patterns & negative energy. I have been brought in to support clients for many reasons. Sometimes they are making the big decision to purchase a new home and want their investment to be the right home for them, aligned for success and well-being or they are experiencing some form of distress because they didn’t ask the right questions before they purchased!

Here are Five Key Questions to Ask prior to Buying your Dream Home:


Foreclosure, Bankruptcy, Divorce, Serious Illness? Or Moving to accept a dream job, Buying a Bigger Home due to a windfall of Abundance, Downsizing because their kids have moved into their own successful careers / relationships? 

As buyers we can get excited by a discounted price on a home. After-all, the price represents our live’s largest financial commitment and a life time investment for most, it’s worth considering what you are getting into. Always question the realtor about why the house is for sale. 

The life experiences of the previous residents will be an indicator of potential negative energies and patterns held by the house and property. The land can be cursed even before a home is built on it! So if you buy a home because of a cheap price tag, beware that the savings might actually be short term.


Look at the houses around the home you wish to buy:

  • Are the front yards well kept? 
  • Does the area have an abundance of vibrant plants and trees? 
  • Are the cars in the driveways well cared for? 
  • Are neighbors walking their dogs?
  • Are their kids out playing?
  • Are people out walking or jogging?
  • Stroll around, are people friendly, do they smile and say hello?

When an area is aligned for success and support, it shows in the people and how they connect with each other and how they care for their property. You want a home to nurture you and your family, a place to gather your friends. A place to connect and feel supported. Does your new potential home sit on a street that reflects that? 


Did you realize that a home can be in a 20 year or annual lock for money, health or relationships? A Lock is an energetic block or restriction. If houses are all built at the same time & in a straight line, then this will affect everyone on the road. Look to see if there are a lot of homes in distress or full foreclosure in the area. It can be an indicator of this.

If a home is locked it will be hard to succeed until it is remedied. It often feels like it is frozen or you are living under a dark cloud: opportunities stop or arrive and disappear, everything financially that comes in goes out or illness and relationship issues cause challenges. There is a sense that there is a repeating pattern that they cannot get out of. 


The answer to this is a big YES! Unfortunately in our modern society there are many man-made technologies that can harmfully impact our well-being. Most are worth avoiding if you have the choice. 

Search a satellite google map of the local area within a half a mile radius of your potential purchase. Check for electricity generation stations, substations, cell phone towers and large electrical towers. The impact of these technologies on us is called electromagnetic stress. It can be measured in a home with an EMF (Electromagnetic Frequency) reader. I have been educating people on this subject for nearly 25 years as I have seen the damage it does, and although in Europe it is a well known issue, I have discovered that in the USA most do not realize the harmful impact high levels of excess electricity can have to our physical health. 

Damage to our health is caused over a period of time: as ongoing exposure reduces the ability of the immune system to do its job. I have seen people impacted by an excess of electricity in their environments suffering from insomnia, low energy levels, poor sex drive and high levels of stress. It often affects our children as they can be particularly sensitive to the affect.

In some extreme cases, I have been invited to work in homes where teenagers are punching holes in the walls, adults are sick with chronic fatigue, unexplained anxiety, autoimmune disorders and other illnesses. In many cases the home was being heavily impacted by electromagnetic stress – sometimes the electrical tower is visible from the front door. 

The good news is some remedies can successfully reduce the impact and improve life for the family members. However even though remedies can be used to reduce the impact of electromagnetic, for the overall well-being of your family I would avoid buying a home if you can actually see the electrical towers from the home.


All roads are not equal. The amount of traffic, the speed, the noise level of vehicles passing by, the ease with which you can leave your house etc., all impact your quality of life. The road your home is on can impact you a multiple levels – air quality, safety, ease of access, sound quality. However there are also other things to consider, such as are closed streets or dead-ends a good idea?

Parents with small kids love the lack of through-traffic and the extra safety for their children to play out on the street. I myself owned such a home when my son was young for this very reason. It encourages the kids to play together, set up soccer games, baseball, basketball, tag and more. It makes it easier for neighbors to connect as the energy that comes into the street all belongs to you, which nourishes relationships and friendships. However there can be some disadvantages. 

Often a closed street has a sign “NO OUTLET” or “DEAD END”. At an unconscious level this can create added pressure and reduce success energy. Sounds bizarre, but I’ve seen it happen. 

Also the home at the very end of the street in the curve has a lot of energy flowing towards it. Again it adds extra pressure, and unwanted stress. Often it results in the owner feeling over-responsible for others, their  neighbors, friends, the kids on the street. So although the rule is that most people LOVE closed street, avoid the house at the bottom of the street and ideally chose one without a sign with negative connotations. 

I hope you found these questions stimulating and helpful to support your New Dream Home search. I know how stressful buying a home can be and that it is probably the greatest financial decision you will make, so if you need personal help reach out. Click Here to see the current services I am offering or if you know you want to work together, schedule a discover call so we can get aligned on the exact support you need.

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